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A ripped poster on a wall portrays a female figure standing with her right fist raised in the air. She holds a sign that reads "End Street Sweeps!" Behind the female, are silhouettes of other figures. Some of the figures hold signs that read "Fuck…

"Every Child Matters" is written in white in the middle of a yellow/orange dreamcatcher. On both sides of the dreamcatcher, there are two figures holding hands. Some of the figures wear feathers in their hair.

A large mural focused on portraits of two men. On the left is John T. Williams, a seventh-generation Native woodcarver who was shot and killed by Seattle police on August 10, 2010. On the right is Black Panther activist Fred Hampton, who was…

This is a large and complex mural that expresses solidarity between Black and Indigenous people in the face of racism and police violence. Set against a vibrant yellow background with an abstract landscape and geometric patterns, George Floyd's…

On a backdrop of white paint, a portrait of an Indigenous (Native) American man wearing full traditional dress. The portrait is completed in a stylized glitch, making it difficult to discern clear detail, but the man's feathered headdress, earrings,…

"Land Back" is spray-painted in red on the side of a building. Above it, "Whos Land?" is spray-painted in white.

The wall on the side of a building reads "Land Back" in bold red letters. It is surrounded by tags of other street artists who endorse the central phrase “Land Back”. The original advertising sign message “93.7 Country - Can I get a Hell Ya!” was…

Red dress wheat-pastings are on the side of a building. The red dress is a symbol of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement.

A red handprint is painted on the side of a building alongside other graffiti. The red handprint is a symbol of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement.

Black paint on stairs near the Residential Schools Protest occupying Robson Square in Vancouver, Canada. The black paint reads "No More," "Stolen," and "Sisters." The protest responded to the abuse of Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation children at…
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