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Empty Storefront_1 W 38th_55409_2.jpg
Empty storefront covered with boards with "Love" spraypainted vertically on the door. Also includes "BLM," "George," and "Parent + Kid Residence" written in marker.

Penned "In the days of those 1% corporate kings...our Sovereign Creator shall set up a sovereign Kingdom! Daniel 2:44."

Blue throw up, "Heal" with an orange background.

Various tags.

Markered "People Live Here!" on a panel-covered window and a panel-covered door.

Markered text on an electrical box reads "RIP George Floyd RIP Breanna Taylor RIP Ahmaud Arbery Rest In Power."

Spray-paint and marker from two different artists on a plywood panel. Together they read "Death to to Racism Oppression Hate Hunger Fear Inequality Injustice Poverty Homelessness Abuse Bullying

A sign in Uptown with graffiti in silver marker. Under the sign "Winston Smith" has been written with chalk.

"RIP George" has been written on a utility pole in white.

"ACAB" has been written on a police sign along with the Anarchy symbol.
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