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Graffiti on a boarded up window reading "YOUR ANGER IS A GIFT." Graffiti on the nearby wall, planter, and fence read "Justice 4 George," "Fuck 12," etc.

Simple neon pink block letters reading "OUR SUMMERS OF RIOTS ARE CAUSED BY OUR WINTERS OF DELAY."

This Walgreens store sustained severe fire damage on May 30, 2020.

Rendered in black and white, a portrait of George Floyd with "BLM" repeated in the background. Larger text reads "SAY MY NAME."

Text in read reading "ROSES ARE RED VIOLETS ARE BLUE PEACE DIDN'T WORK WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO." The first part (up to and including "peace" is in red, and the rest is in black).

Bold black text reading RIP FLOYD BLM, with white shadows and dripping red blood. Painted on plywood covering windows of an used auto shop (Rockstar Automotive)

Large bubble letters reading FLOYD with 3-D quality. Smaller text reading "RIP" and "BLM."

Across from Target

"REST in POWER" and "George Floyd" in 3-D purple, silver, and black lettering.

A number of images and texts covering plywood on three sides of the building. Flowers, birds, trees, and more images from the natural world with text reading "I don't know how to explain to my child what happened to Mr. George." "Justice for George…

Large, simple block letters reading "WE ARE THE NEW AMERICANS/NO CHURCH IN THE WILD."

A wall with various tags by different writers referencing George Floyd, justice, and police violence.
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