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Three different portraits of George Floyd are painted on plywood. The middle portrait is painted in shades of blue and behind him is a yellow background. The portrait on the left side is painted in yellow, pink, and blue. Behind this portrait is a…

This mural depicts the Black Power fist in blue, yellow, and white. The artist painted this on plywood underneath a sign that reads “Everyone Welcome.”

George Floyd is written on plywood in a variety of colorful letters. A Black Power fist appears after his name.

Nine posters depicting an image of George Floyd with the words "Do you feel us?" written to the left of his face. The nine posters are arranged in a rectangle on a piece of plywood. The Black Power fist is painted underneath the posters.

"Love is Power" is written in retro bubble letters on a window. The letters are written in yellow, pink, blue, and green.

Peace is spray painted in white bubble letters on plywood.

Screenshot 2021-10-21 113619.png
Minneapolis is written in wildstyle, with blue and purple letters.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 160338.png
Plywood with "We Heart East Lake" painted on it.

Screenshot 2021-10-19 153816.png
Three pieces of plywood over windows. The first piece has a red heart with BLM written in it. The second piece of plywood has a red heart with MPLS written to the right of it. The third piece of plywood has "Justicia Para George." Little red hearts…

Screenshot 2021-10-15 155625.png
#Lakestreetstrong with the BLM fists in green, yellow, and blue.
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