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"The Emerging Curators Institute presents Burn Something, a public art exhibition conceptualized and curated by inaugural fellows, Gabby Coll and Adrienne Doyle. This exhibition features work from Genevieve DeLeon, Lane Eliyahu, Zola Ellen, Justice…

"ACAB", "Fuck 12", and "Dolal Eid" (referencing Dolal Idd) written on a wall in black spray paint.

"Floyd World!" in bubble letters on plywood boards covering the windows of a Popeye's restaurant. The tag "Stuck Stuck" is written below it.

"Fuck 12" writen in black spray paint. Bright light blue spray paint has been used to scribble over "Fuck" and write "BLM."

Plywood boards painted with messages of community and unity as well as four boards with messages written by the public in chalk.

Faded "Fuck 12" Graffiti written on the sidwalk.

A mural of Daunte Wright's name on plywood boards on Lake Street near George Floyd Square.

El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurante East Lake Street Destroyed in fire.jpg
Graffiti at the destroyed site of El Nuevo Rodeo reading "2020 begins today," "BLM" and more.

Ghandi Mahal Before.jpg
An image of Ghandi Mahal with a Minority Owned and Justice for George Floyd sign on May 28, 2020. The building was destroyed on May 28th. The second photo showing destruction of the building dates from June 1, 2020.

Clean Up besides Mama Safia.jpg
Various photographs showing damage to buildings, graffiti, graffiti removal, and clean up along Lake Street in the aftermath of late May uprisings.
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