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Two cardboard signs in store window. First, "HIS LIFE MATTERED," and the second has, "JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD."

Painted brown block letters, "Justice For George Floyd." Underneath it is a throw-up that's been marked over with green spray-paint.

Three panels:

First has white block letters outlined in red, "PEACE AND LOVE."

Second has "Justice 4 George Floyd" in red block letters.

Third has "I HAVE A DREAM" in large orange letters with blue shading.

Three works:

"Justice for George Floyd" inside an abstract flower.

"BLM" and a Black Power Fist in the center of a rainbow with hearts.

A Black woman with "STOP KILLING US!" on a red stripe over her eyes.

3-D block letters reading "JUSTICE FOR GEORGE." The letter "o" is a peace symbol. Smaller text to the sides reads "#ICAN'TBREATHE" and "#BLM."

"Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for George" in purple on wood boards. A crossed out tag is between them.

Spray-painted messages on plywood. Including, but not limited to "Black Lives Matter", "Say His Name", and "No Justice No Peace."

The panel around the left corner reads "Stop Killing Black people" in red spray paint. The main image features a bloody Black Power fist with a white banner above that reads "Black Lives Matter". One either side of the first are "#Justice for George…

Black painted BLM fist with red paint depicting blood coming from the stump of the arm, clenched fingers, and wrist wounds. Above is a white banner reading "BLACK LIVES" and red text under the banner "MATTER." To the left of the fist is green text…
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