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Cinco De Mayo_3733 Nicollet_55409_1.jpg
A boarded up Cinco de Mayo Mercado reads "Justice 4 George Floyd," and "Minority Owned," both in spray painted bubble letters.

Grey bubble letters on plywoodwith white outline and black background. "Justice George Floyd."

Black spray-painted messages on plywood-covered windows. "Justice 4 George Floyd. P.O.C. Owned. Stay Safe! Love Peke and Ramey," and "Black Lives Matter, No More Violence PLS." and "BLM."

Exterior shot of the Keep em Clean storefront. Tagboard signs are on the windows. One says "Justice 4 George Floyd" in black marker. Another says "Black Owned" in black marker.

A series of plywood panels decorated with hearts and text. The text reads "Justice 4 George Floyd," "Black Lives Matter," "OD'S," "Justice," and "Prosecute Bad Cops" with an outline of a pig head.
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