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Black fists, BLM_6.21.20.jpg
Plywood panels on a store front are painted white, and adorned with two large power fists painted using stencils and black paint. BLM appears in block letters. This is tagged with red spray paint and additional text appears above.

This painted mural appeared on the plywood-covered storefront of a private French language program, Cou Cou. The mural proclaims, "La Justice Pour George" and "Say Their Names," with several names of people killed by police locally and nationally.…

This is a stenciled portrait of George Floyd with the name "Floyd" as it appeared on a shed at a public park, Bottineau Field Park, Minneapolis, MN. Identical stenciled images came up in other places in the neighborhood, such as the building of the…

A large wall that includes a large portrait of George Floyd with text reading Stand Up Portland. Additional text reads BLM.

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Wendy_s Remains.jpg
Brick wall of destroyed Wendy's restaurant covered with graffiti in multiple colors. Anti-cop sentiments such as "Fuck 12" dominate, along with what is presumably meant to be a peace sign.

Post Office on Minnehaha.jpg
"Fuck 12!" and "Re-build" graffiti on the destroyed USPS Minnehaha Station.

Migizi Communications.jpg
Images of small animals on the plywood on the destroyed MIGIZI building. A loon with text reading "what we save saves us," a rabbit with "don't forget about us."

Hook and Ladder 3010 Minnehaha Ave S..jpg
Graffiti covering a plywood board at The Hook and Ladder Theater and Loung. "PRAY 4 U" dominates in large blue block letters, written over other text including "Cops Murdered," "George Floyd," "An eye for an eye," "FTP," and other anti-cop…

El Nuevo Rodeo Restaurante East Lake Street Destroyed in fire.jpg
Graffiti at the destroyed site of El Nuevo Rodeo reading "2020 begins today," "BLM" and more.

Ghandi Mahal Before.jpg
An image of Ghandi Mahal with a Minority Owned and Justice for George Floyd sign on May 28, 2020. The building was destroyed on May 28th. The second photo showing destruction of the building dates from June 1, 2020.
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