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Fresh plywood was hung on Midtown Global Market during the time of Derek Chauvin's trial in anticipation of potential conflicts. This instructional panel reads "I assure you we're open."

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Text reads "Block Closes When the Sun Goes Down" in black spray paint. This has been painted on the sidewalk in front of the Speedway in George Floyd Square.

Several informational signs let visitors know what to expect when visiting George Floyd Square. Information includes "What Will I See," "Engage," "After You Leave," and "Significance of the Space." This space and information was organized by Central…

road sign with graffiti.jpg
The words "nothing to loose but our chains" are spray painted in orange on a traffic sign entering George Floyd Square. The "Road Closed" of the original sign are modified to read "closed to pigs" with black spray paint. "Antifa 20" are additionally…

Sally Pemberton - IMG_5917.jpg
Red "People Live Here."

White painted "OPEN" and pink "AND HERE FOR YOU" with a pink heart.
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