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A paste-up showing Donald Trump as Derek Chauvin, dressed in the uniform of a police officer. As was seen in bystander video footage, Trump/Chauvin appears relaxed, one hand at his hip, while he holds his knee on the neck of George Floyd. Text on…

Spraypaint mural of George Floyd downtown Palm Springs, CA.

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The front entrance to Urban Jungle containing three separate works. These include graffiti reading “RIP Daunte Wright” (added recently); a colorful mural attributed to @tracejordanhenry; and “I can’t breathe” and “Keep the peace” on the front door.

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A large portrait of George Floyd with text reading "I Can't Breathe."

This is located next to another mural depicting Justice intervening to remove Derek Chauvin from George Floyd's neck, a silhouette cityscape, and an image of a man and woman…

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A wall mural with text in Haitian Creole reading Lavi Nwa Yo Enpotan, Hatti Future Matter" and "Geto Yo Anvi Respiro" (roughly translated as "Black Lives Matter" and "The ghetto is eager to breathe." The image shows a silhouette of a city scene with…

A mural of George Floyd with angelic wings and a halo made of the words "Forever Breathing in Our Hearts." There has also been a makeshift shrine at its base from citizens leaving flowers and tributes to Floyd.

A portrait of George Floyd alongside the word, "I can't breathe, I want justice not O2"

A piece reading "Please, I can't breathe" alongside the train tracks in Belgium.

A collage of stencils and free hand artwork in a collage in the Leake Street tunnel in London.

Located at a George Floyd memorial site. The mural has 'I CANT BREATHE' written vertically. 'BLM' in red, black, and green are written vertically. Fists surround the large letters as well as a repeated 'NO JUSTICE/NO PEACE'.
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