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"Humanity" in pink and blue graffiti with yellow and red accents on wood boards.

Spray-painted throw-up on black plywood. Pink text with purple and white shading reads "Rest in Power" and "BLM." Blue bubble letters with white shading reads "George Floyd" between the two former phrases.

Pink wildstyle text with blue spotted shading. Reads "Humanity." Red drips and yellow lines accent the work.

Painted on the Islamic Center, this consists of the words "JUSTICE" and "OPPRES$ION" and "INNOCENT" and "HUMANITY" in large, stylized letters. Additional text reads "Whoever kills an innocent person it is as if he has killed all of humanity. Quran…

Stencil art depicting BIPOC portraits, indicating people who have been killed by police brutality. In the middle of the faces the personal pronoun "WE" is written. Above the faces, there is a phrase written in red spray paint that reads, "Humanity…

Graffiti in black spray paint reads "My Cries Are 4 Humanity."
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