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Words painted in black on a plywood panel read "Your Power Is Their Fear." Below the text is the Anarchist symbol, a capital A surrounded by a circle.

Black Trans Lives Matter_10.10.20.jpg
"Trans Black Lives Matter" with a heart has been painted on a wooden road block.

Large ACAB graffiti on a bus shelter, Lowry Hill, Minneapolis

"Riots work" graffiti spray painted on a Sidewalk Closed sign.

Bright orange graffiti reading "Kill Cops"

Painted on plywood in downtown Raleigh, NC reading: "BLM. The system is backwards. Rebuild the world for the meek." Additional text reads IG Extendo 64

Painted on plywood covering the windows at Kimbrell's Furniture in downtown Raleigh, NC. The plywood has been painted black, and red letter was added reading Anger = Hate Stop. The word ANGER has been crossed out. Various other markings in red and…

"#BLM" is spray painted on a sidewalk in orange.

On a street light post, the words "fuck 12" are stenciled with with pink spray paint. On the left side "BLM" is spray painted freehand with orange paint.

A brick wall in George Floyd Square has been graffitied with multicolored spray paint. It appears that multiple people have participated in sharing messages over time. Messages include "I Can't Breathe," "No Justice, No Peace, Prosecute the Pigs,"…
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