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Graffiti written in pink script on a stone façade reading "La police tue!" (The police kill!)

Graffiti written in pink block letters reading "Police Tue" (Police Kill)

Graffiti written in black block letters on a stone façade reading "Nahël | Ni Oubli | Ni Pardon | ACAB" (Nahël | Neither Forget | Nor Forgive | ACAB

Plywood panels cover the windows of a restaurant. Set against a vivid, cobalt blue background are there realistic, anatomical hearts of slightly different sizes. The hearts are accompanied by text reading "Human....And Justice For All." Text under…

Black chain link fence on the south side of H Street NW with evidence of protest signs that have been removed. There are protest signs on the sign post, including "Say Their Names," a poster reading "They Matter" with photographs and names of…

Graffiti painted directly on the pavement at the crosswalk near the intersection of H Street NW and 16th St. NW, outside of St. John's Episcopal Church. Text reads 'ABOLISH NOW, "#SAY HER NAME," and "POLICE." Additional graffiti is in the…

Graffiti on the facade of the Department of the Treasury using red, black, and blue spray paint. Text includes "We are unarmed!," "Fuck the system," "We want equality," "Pig pen," "ACAB," as "Fuck 12" in simple lettering. "Black Lives Matter" is…

The photographer, Nadine Seiler, stands in front of two tags on a wall. The first tag, written in blue spray paint, reads "Fuck Trump." The second tag reads "Fuck 12 Bitch!"

Graffiti painted on the glass shop window reading "RIP Amir."

Red graffiti on a Metro Transit bus stop shelter reading "Fight Back BLM"
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