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A mural painted on pavement has been painted. It read "R.I.P. Imez Wright" in yellow. The background of the mural has been painted red, green, and black. Offerings have been laid on the mural.

A flower box has been painted with "gang lives matter" and "beloved" on each leg. The flower box is brightly colored.

A memorial to Imez Wright in George Floyd Square. A Pan-African flag is painted on the street with "R.I.P. Imez Wright" written in cursive yellow lettering painted over it. Bouquets of flowers are laid on the painting.

Concrete barrier in front of the George Floyd mural in front of Cup Foods. Behind the barriers are a black and white mural of George Floyd, raised flower beds, and flower bouquets.

Concrete barrier surrounding the George Floyd mural on the side of Cup Foods.

daunte wright image.jpeg
Green and red text reading "Justice for Daunte Wright" on the pavement outside of Cup Foods.

The phrase "Yes I'm Black but I'm not a Killer" written in red on a crosswalk among other faded words.

Map at George Floyd Square with the BLM Fist at the intersection of 38th & Chicago. A quote by George Floyd and the words "We Believe U Can Help" are written on the sign. ACAB can be seen written on the blockade next to the map.

Two stickers: one is a propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War reading "Camarada! Trabaja Y Lucha Por La Revolucion" and the other reads "Viva EZLN" which references the Zapatistas Uprising. ACAB can also be seen written on the pole.

"Fuck the Pol(ICE)" and "Rest in Power" in George Floyd Square.
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