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Two posters adhered to a building at George Floyd Square with wheat paste. The posters in done in a typeface and illustration style reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. A cartoonish police officer stands in a bucket that says "Mpls. Police Federation." He holds…

The panels of Paul Castaway and his son were originally painted the summer of 2020; this photograph documents the current state of the panels in May 2023. The panels consist of a colorful portraits of Castaway and his son, along with bears. Paul…

Two posters side by side at George Floyd Square. The posters read "Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Survey/City of Fakes" at the top. Below is a check list with boxes next to each entry. The first entry says "Brutal Copes Location #1." The second entry says…

A sticker on a utility pole near the intersection of 38th and Chicago, the location where George Floyd was murdered. The sticker reads "John Brown Lives! Smash White Supremacy." An image of John Brown with John Brown, armed with rifles, dominates the…

Black spray paint on the sidewalk in George Floyd Square reads "Power to the People."

Spray paint reading "38th & George" in George Floyd Square.

Lime green "Black Lives Matter" sticker with a Black Power fist. Located on the side of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

Portrait of Amir Locke hanging outside of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

A poster on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. There is a masked figure along with text. The poster reads "Protect Each Other. Justice4Floyd. Masks Help Us All."

Sticker on street sign across from Cup Foods reads "Dream like Martin. Lead like Harriet, Fight like Malcolm. Think like Garvey. Write like Maya. Build like Madam C.J, Speak like Frederick, Educate like W.E.B, Believe like Thurgood, Challenge like…
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