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"Rebuild Black Wall Street" has been painted in red near the door of a business in George Floyd Square.

Portraits of Breonna Taylor and Michael Brown pasted onto plywood. The names Breonna Taylor and Michael Brown are next to the respective portraits and "Say their names." The boards have been changed from their original location and now are located on…

The street entering George Floyd Square has been painted with white spray paint reading "Rest In Power."

Street Art3.jpg
Road Closed Sign, with graffiti painted over it reading "Nothing to Lose But our Chains."

Offerings and signs are placed outside Cup Foods. One sign includes a man behind bars with the words "innocent."

A greenhouse at George Floyd Square contains plants and a Black Lives Matter sign.

A black painted sign reads "This Space Uplifts Black Voices" in white paint. The sign has been weathered and has warped.

A sign has been hand drawn and placed on a chain link fence. The sign reads "Solidarity Between All People" with a sunset/sunrise in the center. "Race, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, Age, Class, Immigration Status, and Gender" is written on…

A sign posted on a street pole shows weathering. It has fallen down the pole and folded.
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