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"FTP ACAB" and "George FLoyd" are written in black spray paint on the Loring Greenway bike bridge above a throw-up. Each set of text apprears to be painted by different artists. All of the lettering follows the lines of the walls of the bridge.

Several handwritten paper signs are taped in a window. One reads "Justice for George" and another reads "South Mpls Mourns George Floyd."

A large mural reads "Justice for George!" on plywood. The "Justice" and "For" were completed with a purple and pink wash and the "George" in a yellow wash. The letters have white highlights which look like a sparkle. The lettering is highlighted with…

A stencilled portrait of George Floyd on the back of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation. The stencil is located on a part of the building that is easily reached and not blocked off by fencing. The front of the building and parking lot are…

The script "You Changed the World, George" is painted in white on a purple background. This mural is painted on the side of a building. The script is surrounded by blue clouds and a lighter purple mountain range set behind the lettering.…

George Floyd portrait (2).jpg
A freestanding portrait of George Floyd in black and white. In front of the portrait are flowers, signs, stuffed animals, candles, and other objects to pay tribute to George Floyd.

"George" is painted in Gothic script on plywood boards. "George" is painted in a gold wash with blue shadows. It is surrounded by a light pink abstract splash with a yellow halo over the "e" in "George." The artists tag is painted on the left side,…

Located at a George Floyd memorial site in Milwaukee. A mural depicting George Floyd with his name painted above and #BLM painted beneath him. A stylized figure is painted with their hands behind their back.

The gas station sign at People's Way has been used as a countdown to the Trial. It reads "George Floyd Trial in 9 days." Under this reads a sheet reading "Black Joy."

A sign on a signpost reads "Protect Each other," "Justice 4 Floyd," and "Masks Help Us All" on a teal background. In the center of the sign, a stylized masked woman is stenciled.
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