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Originally, the message "Rest in Paradise George" was spray-painted in green on pieces of plywood. The plywood was buffed and new messages appeared. Some of these messages include #paintourpeace, Unity, Love, Community, etc. Green, yellow, black, and…

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A mural composed of "Hello My Name Is" stickers that have the names of Black individuals killed in police brutality. Some of the names listed are George, Philando, Eric, Quan, Tamir, etc. Other names tags are partially concealed.

Mural style street art of large flowers with the words "Compassion" and "George Floyd".

"BLM" and "George" have been spray painted on the top of a building near Cup Foods.

Graffiti on three plywood-covered windows reading from left to right: "BLM," "George," and "Justice.

Graffiti on plywood including "George," in gold and outlined in blue on a pink background and "BLM" in gold outlined in blue on a black background.
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