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A plywood mural on the side of a brick building reads "I Can't Breathe Floyd" in red and white paint. Inside the "F" of Floyd, "George" is written in white paint. The "O" in "Floyd" is a heart. On the bottom righthand corner of the mural, is the…

A black sign with white writing reads "Mother's From Everywhere Were Summoned When George Floyd Called For His Momma."

This mural depicts a Black woman in a pink dress holding a young Black boy in her arms. On the boy's pants "Floyd" is written in blue. They are sitting in a field of lady slippers. Above the figures, "She Heard His Cry And Welcomed Him Home With Open…

"Floyd" is written vertically on the ground in red. From each letter, a phrase is written. The "F" stands for "From Tragedy." The "L" stands for "Love Must Prevent." The "O" stands for "Our Cry." The "Y" stands for "Your Tragedy." The "D" stands for…

Three different portraits of George Floyd are painted on plywood. The middle portrait is painted in shades of blue and behind him is a yellow background. The portrait on the left side is painted in yellow, pink, and blue. Behind this portrait is a…

George Floyd is written on plywood in a variety of colorful letters. A Black Power fist appears after his name.

Mural style street art of large flowers with the words "Compassion" and "George Floyd".

This is a stenciled portrait of George Floyd with the name "Floyd" as it appeared on a shed at a public park, Bottineau Field Park, Minneapolis, MN. Identical stenciled images came up in other places in the neighborhood, such as the building of the…

Bubble letter "Floyd" in red, yellow, and green. Background is purple wavy lines. Black cursive "George" at the top.

Purple bubble letters, "FLOYD" with a halo on the top. Three yellow spheres at the bottom of each letter. Pink background.

Orange letters, "We Demand Justice" with a teal bubble background.
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