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Workers painting over tags on plywood with black paint.

Five works on plywood next to buffs. Right to Left:

Orange panel with "Say Their Names," a ribbon with "BLM," "I Can't Breathe" and a front-profile of a Black man. Beneath him are the…

Located under the Lake/Hiawatha bridge, smaller text reading "big" with large bubble letters reading "Floyd."

A sidewalk paint over in front of Scale Model Supplies. Someone has painted over the "Fuck 12" that was painted on the sidewalk with a light colored paint.

The exterior of an O'Reilly Auto Parts store. "Fuck 12 Fuck" was written on the building and painted over with a tan color paint that does not match the exterior wall color. The paint was applied thinly, so the graffiti is still visible. A few feet…

The exterior of an O'Reilly Auto Parts. The wall has been graffitti-ed multiple times with "Fuck 12" but someone has buffed it. However, the graffiti shows through. An "FU" is not painted over. Unknown if it was added after the clean up or skipped or…

A photo of a Taco Bell restaurant. The entrances have been boarded up. A black spray paint message has been scribbled over. It is no longer legible. A new black paint message reads "love wins"

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