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The words "Live, Laugh, Loot" written in red spray paint on plywood boards on a business in a strip mall across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Graffiti reading "Fire to the Prisons" and "It's ok! to throw stuff at the pigs". This is written on plywood board covering a business across the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

A mural of Daunte Wright's name on plywood boards on Lake Street near George Floyd Square.

Memorials erected for Daunte Wright at the scene of his death. A large sculpture of a raised fist, written tributes, flowers, candles, and other mementos are seen.

"Fuck 12" written in black spray paint on a residential fence near the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Other, possibly older, less clear graffiti can be seen next to it.

Messages of hope and inspiration pertaining to Black Lives Matter on the plywood boards of Van's Automotive in Brooklyn Center, just up the street from the Brooklyn Center Police Department. In an interview the owner shared that he and his wife…

Several graffiti messages including "#DaunteWright" , "Revolution Now", and "Fuck Yo Curfew" in red spray paint. Some graffiti has been covered up with black spray paint.

A plethora of anti-police graffiti on the plywood boards covering a business in Brooklyn Center. Messages include: "Cops Sum Bitches," "fuck 12", "Fuck Mike Ellot" (referring to Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott), "Fuck Your Property," "12 Pussy,"…

Air fresheners - referring to the alleged reason Daunte Wright was pulled over - hanging from a fence surrounding the Brooklyn Center Police Department along with graffiti messages on the cement bases like "Fuck the System".

Graffiti sprayed on cement barricades outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department. Messages include: "Abolition Now," Fuck Killer KKKops," and "Death to Amerik[^3]a".

Note: the [^3] refers to the mathematical symbol meaning 'to the power of 3'…
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