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Concrete barrier surrounding the George Floyd mural on the side of Cup Foods.

"Justice for George" and "Change is Coming" stenciled in black on the brick wall of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

The George Floyd Memorial in front of Cup Foods showing tributes, memorials, flowers, candles, artwork, and more.

The door to Cup Foods. Partial graffiti can be seen reading, "God's Child, George Floyd." More is written but it is obscured by tributes to George Floyd hanging in front of the store.

George Floyd Square Intersection showing memorials, BLM fist sculpture, billboards, and Cup Foods in the background.

In large red and green lettering the words "Justice for Daunte Wright" have been written in the street next to the memorial for George Floyd outside of the Cup Foods at 38th and Chicago - George Floyd Square - in Minneapolis. Flowers and candles in…

Offerings and signs are placed outside Cup Foods. One sign includes a man behind bars with the words "innocent."

George Floyd portrait (2).jpg
A freestanding portrait of George Floyd in black and white. In front of the portrait are flowers, signs, stuffed animals, candles, and other objects to pay tribute to George Floyd.

A stencil reading "Justice for George" is located on a brick wall along with a sign reading "Cup Foods Parking." Additionally "Fuck MPD" has been graffitied on the wall.

IMG_4620 (2).JPG
Various graffiti is noted on Cup foods including "Black Owner" in green spray paint, "You Destroyed Home Not Us" in black spray paint, and "Fuck Cup Foods" in red spray paint.
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