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Mural full of community messages. Some of the messages include "God Love You," "Hope," "Love," and "Community Unity." Each of the messages are written in different colors.

Text and images across a store front reading "Together We Rise," "Paint for Peace!" "Love," "Hope," "George Floyd," and more. Imagery includes peace signs, flowers, and the sun.

A storefront with a variety of text and images. Text includes "George Floyd Matters" and "Resistance is Power" and "Community Medicine." Images include flowers and a butterfly.

A large yard sign reading "I CAN'T BREATH" with additional text reading "We Are a Community" and "Share your Thoughts." Many additional writers have added to this collaborative piece.

Part of a larger George Floyd Mural, with text reading “community.”

Multicolored mural on side of stucco building. Text reads, “Abolish Police” on left end and “Heal Invest/Uplift Our Community”on the right end.

Mural of a dog on a field with a large blue sky. Three dresses, moving with no wearer, are descending from the sky. The mural has a red painted border with white block text, "OUR HEARTS GO OUT TO OUR COMMUNITY." The artist's signature is in the lower…

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Markered text on a plywood-covered door. Reads "The General Store DAD -A community work space. Nothing Left To Steal Except Some La Croix. If You Are Thirsty, Call Me And I'll Get One. [Number redacted]."

Four panels:

First is a piece with "George" in block letters and a crown on the "G".

Second is on a door, reading "Power In Community" with a heart and a peace sign.

Third is a throw up reading "Floyd" and "Rest In" with a peace…
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