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An orange and yellow mural with "Welcome To The Revolution" in white thin lettering. This work covers up a "BLM" that was there previously.

A purple panda saying "Fuck 12 Drop L." Around the panda are multicolored stripes.

Painted Lady Justice holding up a scale with a dove on her hand. "Justice = Peace" is written across her torso. Her blindfold is partially lifted to reveal a tear coming down her cheek. Behind her is a blue cloud with white and purple spirals.

Bare plywood panels with a painted Dutch character named Miffy watching a red heart-shaped balloon. To the right is "There is ALWAYS Hope!" in red paint. Again, to the right is a taped up sheet with "Black Lives Matter" written on it.

White panels with a Black Power fist in the center of a purple peace sign. In the two lower corners are two birds made of brown and white hands. A banner at the bottom of the peace sign reads "The Future is Peace."

Black panels with "BLACK LIVES MATTER" and the corresponding ASL letter signs in white.

Three images of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. They are each in an aureola, with halos and blue backgrounds. Above their heads are words referring to what they were doing when killed. Ahmaud's read "I Can't Run", Breonna's "I Can't…

White painted panels show a black silhouette with hands raised in the center. The silhouette is wearing a white shirt with red text reading "Hands Up, Don't Shoot." Around the figure are flowers.

Multicolored Black Power fists cover two plywood panels. Red hearts accent the work.

This mural is spread across three groups of panels. The first group have a portrait of Tamir Rice on the left. "RIP Tamir" written in orange under the portrait. "Lookout" is in green in the center. "HOPE" is in orange and yellow 3D letter. The…
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