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Simple graffiti reading "10, 100, 10000 Autonomous Zones" in white.

"Rest in Peace George Floyde & Adam Coledo 8:46" mural near a residential area of Chicago. Graffiti has been added over the mural, by the original artist "#16 shots" and his signature, "FLASH ABC".

Graffiti on campus buildings at Loyola University, Chicago reading "Amir Locke" and "RIP Amir Locke"

Graffiti on a campus building at Loyola University, Chicago reading "RIP Amir Locke" and "Amir Locke Was Murdered"

Written in sharpie on a wooden bench outside of a coffee shop, "BIPOC LGBTQ2IA+ LIVES MATTER".

Mural art depicting a Black woman, her body is a globe. The words 'BLACK LIVES ARE ESSENTIAL" are painted on the bottom. Graffiti has been added with anti-BLM/ hate speech.

Black Lives Matter in large white bubble letters with black outlining against a pink and red ground.

Graffiti spray painted on a piece of plyboard on a window. "BLACK LIVES MATTER" surrounded by BLM and other miscellaneous graffiti.

"BLACK LIVES MATTER" written on a cardboard window covering.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in blue on the pavement. In between the words, there are red stars.

William Calloway —a former candidate for Alderman of the 5th ward and Chicago community organizer, along with the Chicago community group, South…
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