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Various messages of Hope, Love, Unity, Happiness, Community Strength and desire for change on the boarded up windows of the Aveda Institute.

A complex crocheted piece attached to fencing. The central element consists of an eye with the planet Earth in the center. Text reads "Justice for George Floyd." Additional text provides names such as Rodney King, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. A…

Burner of a winged gold timepiece with a "4" inside it. Green text with black outline reads "Time" on the left side and "Change" on the right. Graffiti reading "ACAB" are under the piece.

Mural in the 700 block of East Broadway, Louisville, KY covers a boarded-up storefront. Lady Liberty, with BLM symbols cries, while scales of justice weigh the death of a Black man and a gun. Protesters appear with a sign that says "Change."

Covering panels on a window and the door, text reading "Seeds of Change" showing a plant and rain; A map of Minnesota with Minneapolis marked with a heart; an image of a car (appropriate for the business, a collision center).

Graffiti on the plywood boards of a Walgreens storefront saying "Love Brings Change" with pink flowers.

"Be the Change" is painted on plywood in cursive script with organic shapes.

Left to Right:

Painted purple heart outline with "Justice for George" inside in white. Green background.

A column of BLM fists in black, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

A white painted humanoid outline with various colored…

Throw up with bubble letters: white "Real," rainbow "CHANGE," and white "Is Coming." "RIP GEORGE FLOYD" in smaller black text. The background is pink with purple splatters.

Black spray-painted text, "CANT STOP CHANGE!" and "BLM" with a heart. Gold bold letters, "Justice" underneath the aforementioned black text. A character raising up scales is beneath "Justice."

The character has elbow pads, a mask reminiscent of…
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