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"Be the Change" is painted on plywood in cursive script with organic shapes.

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Painted purple heart outline with "Justice for George" inside in white. Green background.

A column of BLM fists in black, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

A white painted humanoid outline with various colored…

Throw up with bubble letters: white "Real," rainbow "CHANGE," and white "Is Coming." "RIP GEORGE FLOYD" in smaller black text. The background is pink with purple splatters.

Black spray-painted text, "CANT STOP CHANGE!" and "BLM" with a heart. Gold bold letters, "Justice" underneath the aforementioned black text. A character raising up scales is beneath "Justice."

The character has elbow pads, a mask reminiscent of…

Surrounded by flowers and other tributes at George Floyd square, an acrostic poem appears using “Floyd.” The vertical letting of “Floyd” is orange outlined in yellow and the following text emerging from “Floyd” are yellow. Reading top to bottom the…

"Believe It... Change Is Coming" is spray painted in blue on a sidewalk.

"Change Starts with Us" mural with Black Lives Matter fist.

Mural style street art containing multiple BLM references including an image of a George Floyd with the words "THE IMPORTANCE OF BLACK LIVES ISN'T A DEBATE." Floyd's body includes silhouettes of protestors. This board also includes spray painted…

"Time for Change!" written on the sidewalk at George Floyd Square.

"Justice for George" and "Change is Coming" stenciled in black on the brick wall of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.
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