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Spraypaint mural of George Floyd downtown Palm Springs, CA. George Floyd is painted along a background of blue and black silhouettes of protesters. "I Can't Breathe" is painted in white block letters.

"#BLACK LIVES MATTER" is painted in yellow on the street. The mural stretches about three blocks long.

"#BLM" has been spray painted in yellow on a street.

A stencil of George Floyd's face with the text "8:46" on his face. This is painted on a sidewalk with pink and black spray paint.

A sticker with a color photograph of a burning building in a city with cars parked on the street. Text above the building reads "A New World From the Ashes of the Old," with smaller text at the bottom reading "solidarity with the minneapolis…

ACAB written on an existing mural.

Black and white spray paint on a log reading "ACAB 1312."

"All Black Lives Matter" is written in the median of Hollywood Blv. This sanctioned/city-led permanent mural is painted in smaller letters than the original, unsanctioned mural. "All Black Lives" is painted in blue, pink, white, yellow, purple, and…

All Black Trans Queer Nonbinary Woman Disabled Imprisoned Lives Matter is painted on the pavement in various colors.
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