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Screenshot 2022-08-02 112858.png
A Black female figure wearing a mask has "Black Lives Matter" written in blue in her hair. Behind the figure are Black Power Fists.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 114433.png
A street mural in Kemptown portrays a variety of protestors on the left side holding signs. Some of the signs read "Unapologetically Black," "Say Their Names," and "All Black Lives Matter." Behind the protesters, there are names of Black victims of…

Screenshot 2022-07-13 215450.png
"We Can'tBreathe" is painted on the pavement in black. At the end of the phrase, there is a Black Power Fist. Underneath, "Chestertown Unites Against Racism" is painted in green.

Wanda Boyer, a member of the Social Action Committee for Racial…

Solidarity raised fist painted in the colors of the progressive pride flag in the middle of a street intersection.

The Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber has partnered with the Tampa Downtown Partnership to participate in the City of Tampa's "Art on the…

Screenshot 2022-06-14 205408.jpg
Black Lives Matter is painted on the pavement in various colors. Underneath the letter "A" in "Black," there is a multi-colored Black Power Fist.

BLM, which stands for Black Lives Matter, is painted in big, block letters on the pavement. The "B" is in red, the "L" is in yellow, and the "M" is in green. Underneath the letters is a Black Lives Matter Power Fist.

Leigh Bigger, the Brockton…

Lime green "Black Lives Matter" sticker with a Black Power fist. Located on the side of Cup Foods in George Floyd Square.

BLM_ Plaza-5.jpg
A Black Power Fist painted in red holds a yellow peace sign. Written inside of the fist in green paint is "Peace Through Protest 2020."

Handmade posters cover the inside of the temporary, wooden walkway along H Street, NW in front of Lafayette…

A Black Power Fist drawn on a brown paper bag is taped to the sidewalk.

On a poster is a Black Power Fist. Inside of the Black Power Fist are the flags of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Guyana, Peru, Haiti, Ecuador, El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama, and Belize.
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