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A Black Power Fist drawn on a brown paper bag is taped to the sidewalk.

On a poster is a Black Power Fist. Inside of the Black Power Fist are the flags of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honduras, Uruguay, Guyana, Peru, Haiti, Ecuador, El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama, and Belize.

On a poster is a Black Power Fist. Inside of the Black Power Fist are the flags of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Columbia, and Bolivia.

A Black Power Fist is drawn in the colors red, green, and yellow.

The outline of a Black Power Fist is spray painted in black on the side of a building.

A laminated piece of paper zip tied to a fence depicts a drawing of a city. On some of the buildings there are signs that read "I Can't Breathe" and "Black Lives Matter" with the Black Power Fist. Another sign has "Trump" written on it, but it is…

A Black Power Fist is depicted with roots coming out of the bottom of the arm. Around the Black Power Fist "Keep Going" is written.

A sign on the side of a tree reads "Quit Your Jobs You Facist Fucks A.C.A.B." Next to the words is a Black Power fist.

A yellow sticker on a black pole has an image of a Black man holding a megaphone. Above the image, there is text reading "Black Lives Matter" and "Fight Racism By Any Means Necessary."

A Black Power fist created using a stencil and painted in blue on the sidewalk.
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