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A sign reading "A Black Women Did It First" located on the temporary chain metal fence surrounding Lafayette Park in front of the White House in Washington, DC. November 20th, two weeks from the Saturday Joe Biden was declared winner of the 2020…

A white poster board sign reads "Trump, cowering in his bunker, is an American DISGRACE *Black Lives Matter*."

Colorful ribbon on the BLM Memorial Fence spells out "Defend Black Lives." Underneath is a white peace sign with "Black Lives Matter" and hearts written on it.

A sign on the BLM Memorial Fence reads "Black AF" with a Black Power Fist.

A sign on the BLM Memorial Fence reads "Bay Area Victims." Underneath is a drawing of a bridge and four images of Black victims of police brutality. Next to the images are drawings of two cars.

The Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence with a variety of signs that are dedicated to Vanessa Guillen. Some of the signs read "Vanessa Guillen Is My Sister," "I Am Vanessa Guillen," and "Vanessa Guillen is Everyone's Daughter."
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