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George Floyd is written on plywood in a variety of colorful letters. A Black Power fist appears after his name.

Nine posters depicting an image of George Floyd with the words "Do you feel us?" written to the left of his face. The nine posters are arranged in a rectangle on a piece of plywood. The Black Power fist is painted underneath the posters.

Screenshot 2021-10-15 155625.png
#Lakestreetstrong with the BLM fists in green, yellow, and blue.

Two murals on plywood boards covering doors. The left is in yellow and red and features a Black Power Fist with the words "Black" above the fist and "Power" below it. A name is written in the fist. The right mural features a silhouette of George…

Messages on plywood boards covering windows. The left-most board says "Black Power" above a raised Fist. The next plywood board, which covers a door, reads "My City." The next four boards contain various messages including "MPD Murdered George…

Five works on plywood:

A red heart with flowers blooming from the top, "We See You" on a white ribbon, and #justiceforgeorge and #restinpower underneath it.

"BLM" in blue, orange, and green lining on a blue background.

"Now is The Time!!!"…

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 10.02.07 PM.png
1. "They try to bury us but don't realize seeds of color and agents of.. We are Change". Four fist sprouting from ground like seeds.
2. Orange panel with blue text: "Black lives matter" and power fist.

Left to Right:

Painted purple heart outline with "Justice for George" inside in white. Green background.

A column of BLM fists in black, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

A white painted humanoid outline with various colored…
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