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A metal fist erected at one of the entrances of George Floyd Square. It has been placed on a yellow platform, which is spray painted "RIP Deonna Marie" in red.

Material has been threaded through a chain link fence which reads "Black Lives Matter."

Plywood boards painted with a close-up portrait of Marshawn Lynch.

Plywood boards painted with a portrait of Boots Riley. The portrait is black and white with a red background. It has been tagged at the time of this photograph.

Plywood panels painted with a floral pattern and text reading "Power To The People." An additional plywood mural by @unrequited594 is noted to the right, and it appears to read "Crack down on police force."

A series of plywood panels painted to form two murals. One reads "Raise The Vibration, Global Movement" and additional text with painted protesters. The other mural reads "What Are You Waiting For" in blue and green with white and black highlights.

Oakland (8.8.21) (1).JPG
Plywood panels have been painted white with a Prince Love symbol, additional paintings, and "BLM" in purple.

A stencil has been painted on a sidewalk reading "I Hope U Know How Loved U Are" in black.

A sign reading "Black Lives Matter" has been hung on a church.

Multicolored signs of those murdered by police been placed on a wall, including George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.
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