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A tag in black paint reads "ACAB."

Graffiti on the facade of the Veterans Administration building, including "ACAB" and "Fuck Trump" written in spray paint.

A wall in front of the public restrooms at Lafayette Park in Washington D. C. The wall is covered with graffiti from top to bottom. The graffiti is evidently written by many different hands using different colors of spray paint (black, red, and…

A little animal head painted in white, with a speech bubble that reads "ACAB" is on a brick wall.

Three phrases: "ACAB," "RIP," and "GEORGE," written in a wild style. The words "RIP" and "GEORGE" are filled in with colorful polka dots. Underneath the three words, "Arrest all four" is spray painted.

ACAB written on an existing mural.

"ACAB" has been written on a police sign along with the Anarchy symbol.

"ACAB" has been painted on a cement building support in the alley behind SPD.

A wall has been painted including text reading "End Racism," and "ACAB."

A wall has been painted with various text including "BLM," "Our Streets," "RIP Floyd," "ACAB," "1312," "Keep Hope Alive," and "Don't Fuck With CHAZ." Some of the text has been painted over or had paint added to it.
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