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Sally Pemberton - Midtown Gway 2 at 5th Ave S. July 9.jpg
Large spray-painted text "George Floyd," next to a large character. The character looks like a hairy ghost with pointed teeth and large white eyes. "ACAB 4EVER" is to the right of the tribute.

Annotation 2020-08-25 092316.jpg
Red spray-painted character, Homer Simpson, with a speech bubble, "Justice 4 George."

A black and white throwie, "1312," and "ACAB" are on the same building.

Yellow graffiti on pavement reading ACAB with anarchy symbols.

Black and white spray-painted text on plywood-covered windows. "We Stand in Solidarity" and "CC Club" with a matching heart on the left board. Matching "BLM" on right board. Left board also has "People Live Upstairs" in black.

Plywood-covered store front with spray-painted messages such as "Justice 4 Floyd," "BLM," "ACAB," "Justice for George," and "OPEN." Several of the pieces were created by those at the Papa John's.

Graffiti on plywood of Bank of America , Uptown that includes "BLM," "Justice for George," "Rest in Power," and "ACAB."

Tags on rear of Cup Foods building (alley access). Text reads “RIP Floyd,” “Fuck 12,” and “ACAB” white text with black shadow.

Cluster of tags: "ACAB FUCK THE POLICE" in white and brown on the building, "BLM Justice for George rest in power" in green, and "ACAB" in green on plywood.
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