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A sticker of the NYPD logo and initialism replaces the words, "Police Department," with the words, "Pricks and Dicks." The words are replaced in both the logo and the initialism.

Pricks  Dicks_small poster_photo credit Mitchel Chalek+2.12.21.jpg
On the NYPD logo, the words "Police Department" have been replaced with the words "Pricks and Dicks."

Racism anagram_1.11.21.jpg
In black text, the word racism has been turned into an acronym, reading, "Reaction Against Creation Indicating Small Minds". Below the first acronym, in pink text, the word love turned into an acronym reads, "Language Of Virtually Everything."

Rep. John Lewis & response 11.14.20.jpg
A stencil of John Lewis outlined by his quote: "Get into good trouble." This is situated on a red background. Next to it, the same stencil and quote sit on a yellow and purple background. Below the two stencils, capital letters read, "WE WILL".

Sidewalk George Floyd_1.15.21.jpg
On a sidewalk, the words "Say his name" and "George Floyd" are written in white spray paint.

On a piece of plywood, the words "BLM Stand N Solidarity" are painted in purple. The text is on a white background, surrounded by multicolored flowers, some of which have power fists at their center. There are two hands holding each other, one…

Racism by Blackligma_1.11.21.jpg
On a background of book pages, text in black reads, "Tolerating racism Is racism." Next to the block of text is a red balloon in a flowerpot. Both the balloon and the text are surrounded by a black outline.

Black stenciled letters on pavement read "Post No Hate".

Wake up and rise_6.30.20.jpg
One block of red text with a green and red outline says "The glory is in you." A second block of green text with red, green, and yellow outline says, "Wake up and rise." Both blocks of text are lyrics written by musician Solange, from her album A…

Why is God white__1.15.21.jpg
Words stenciled on the pavement in white paint read "Why is God white?"
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