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Painted panels with a red and gold flower in the left corner. White text reading "I Have Decided To Stick With Love. Hate Is Too Great A Burden To Bear. - MLK." A red heart with "Black Lives Matter" in white lettering is to the right. "We're OPEN…

Poster reading:
"How To Be A White OR Non-Black Ally At A Rally
Amplify Black Voices. Don't Lead Chants.
Make space for Black folks to lead chants.
Don't Post Photos/Videos/IGLive With Protesters' Faces
Protesters will face repercussions if they…

"Wolakota" painted in pink on a black background. green leaves and blue dots are painted behind the text and a red and pink heart sits below it. "Dakota Land," "Lakota Style" and "Bde Maka Ska" are painted in pink.

Foam covering a broken window with "Stolen and Glass Broken...Behind This Foam. For Your Safety Don't Press."

Additional photo shows full panel before the glass was broken.

Heart-shaped cardboard with black and yellow stripes.

Flowers and…

Blue text on plywood "Please Don't Burn."

Black "This Store is Heavily Guarded 24/7."

Sally Pemberton - IMG_6409.jpg
Red "People Live Here! BLM Justice 4 George" on a door.

Sally Pemberton - IMG_6356.jpg
Blue "People Live Here" with an arrow pointed up.

Yellow, purple, and blue flowers with "Black Lives Are Beautiful."

Sally Pemberton - IMG_5917.jpg
Red "People Live Here."

Sally Pemberton - 309 W Lake July 16.jpg
Blue and green "Don't Burn" and pink "Please. Kids Live Upstairs."
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