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RIP Daunte Wright written in sharpie on a locked utility door in the subway station.

A black and white poster reading "Justice for Daunte Wright" affixed to plywood boards covering windows on a business near the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Message written in chalk on a walking path: "Teach your kids about Daunte Wright. They are not too young." The chalk is faded and smudged.

Daunte Wright's name written outside The Kenwood Retirement Community in Minneapolis.

"SAY THEIR NAMES" is written in paint alongside dozens of hand-prints and names of Black people that have been killed at the hands of police.

"Justice BLM George #BLM AHMAUD ARBERY" written in multiple colors of spray paint surrounded by other related graffiti.

"Justice for Tony Mcdade BLM Black LGBT+ Lives Matter" written on a painted Pride flag on a plyboard covering a business window.

"Black Lives Taken By Police" written above dozens of names of Black people that have been killed by police. The names are accompanied by the designated city's police department and the year. The earliest listing is from 1920 and the most recent…

Memorials erected for Daunte Wright at the scene of his death. A large sculpture of a raised fist, written tributes, flowers, candles, and other mementos are seen.

A mural of Daunte Wright's name on plywood boards on Lake Street near George Floyd Square.
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