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A portrait of Emmett Till in the artist's colorful style with an oversized head, long thin neck, and small shoulders and torso - a restyling of a classic image of Till wearing a brimmed hat, Till was a 14-year-old African American who was lynched in…

Painting of Breonna Taylor on pavement in blue and red.

This mural on plywood depicts Elijah McClain, a victim of police brutality who is honored by way of street art in downtown Portland.

Portrait of Elijah McClain on a yellow background. "for Elijah McClain" is on the left.

Portrait of Breonna Taylor wearing a crown. To her left and right is "No Justice" and "No Peace" in blue letters. "Rest Easy...Breonna Taylor 3/13/20" in white.

Monumental, wall-sized portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, both depicted with an unflinching and powerful gaze.

Wheatpaste depicting Rick 'Tiger' Dowdell, Nick Rice and Greg Sevier, all killed by Lawrence, KS police.

Portrait of Breonna Taylor surrounded by red roses.

Mural with Breonna Taylor in the center. Angel wings emerge from either side of her and "SAY HER NAME" is in white at her chest. Blue "BREONNA TAYLOR" frames the top and bottom of the work.

The background is filled in with "No Justice No Peace."

Mural with portraits of Black people killed by police. The background has chalk messages and colorful fractal shapes.

Those depicted in this documentation of the mural include: George Floyd, Kendra James, Jason Washington, Deontae J. Keller, Tony…
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