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Delita Martin Mural Image_01_06_2023.jpg
Returning to the scene of Yvette Smith’s murder at the hands of Officer Daniel Willis, Delita Martin incorporates patterns, colors, and objects of symbolism into a sweeping mixed-media mural to peel back the mask of Ms. Smith’s murderer. Delita's…

DC-based artist Reggie Black was commissioned to hand draw custom lettering used across five statements that resonate with LEAP's mission as we reflected on year one of projects created by artist grantees. Reggie’s project further reflected on LEAP’s…

A figure's face is painted on the side of a building in white, blue, and red. Next to the figure, is a red heart with white wings. Around the heart, a date is written in blue, and "In Memory Shane" is written in white. Inside of the heart is a male…

This mural is located on the back side of Grandmas in da Kitchen. The mural stretches the length of the building. On the left is a grey-toned portrait of Breonna Taylor. On the right side is a portrait of Jatarius Tolbert.

Jatarius Tolbert,…

A monumental portrait of Richmond-based rapper and emcee, Radio Blitz, surrounded by the names of many individuals whose lives were lost to racial violence. Radio Blitz has his hands raised in the air and his gaze focuses upwards. The names are…

20200605_020233 (1).jpg
Spray-painted in orange on the street is "Say Her Name."

Three signs are tied to a street sign pole. The first sign reads "Say Their Names." The second sign reads "They Matter" with images of victims of police brutality. Some of these images depict George Floyd, Philando Castile, and Michelle Shirley. The…

A sticker reading "Justiça por Moïse" with a photographic portrait of Moïse Kabagambe. The sticker is adhered to a garbage bin.

A poster depicts an image of a Black man named Tony McDade who died on May 27, 2020 as the result of a violent interaction with the police. Below his image, it reads "Rest In Power."

20200615_233607 (1).jpg
A yellow poster board has an image of a young Black boy, Antwon Rose Jr., who was fatally shot by a police officer June 19, 2018. Written on the poster in block letters is "Antwon Rose Jr. No Justice No Peace."
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