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  • Date is exactly "2021-05-11"

Graffiti on a red post reading "A sad day that should never happen" in black letters.

White graffiti on black reads "ACAB."

This is a blue sticker with cut out letters that spell ACAB as well as cut out hearts around it. This is posted on a pole of a street sign near George Floyd Square.

Black graffiti on a red post reading "anger is an energy."

Blue graffiti reads "be happy fuck the system" on a black background.

This is a sticker posted on a pole of a street sign reading "Black Joy Matters" in black and red on a white background.

29 (2).jpg
A painting on pavement reading "Black power" with Sankofa, an image symbolizing the concept of learning from the past and seeking renewal.

White graffiti on a red post. One side of the post reads "Jacob Blake." The other side reads "RIP George."

This piece is done with blue chalk on the sidewalk. It says "Let there be peace."

This piece is blue spray paint on a black wall reading "No Prisons Ever."
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