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  • Date is exactly "2021-03-06"

An alley in George Floyd Square shows graffiti including "fuck MPD," "BLM," and "No Justice No Peace" among other graffiti. This has been painted on plywood. Additionally a tank barricade has been placed in the alley.

"BLM" and "George" have been spray painted on the top of a building near Cup Foods.

"Change Is Coming" has been stenciled on a brick wall.

Offerings and signs are placed outside Cup Foods. One sign includes a man behind bars with the words "innocent."

A sign posted on a street pole shows weathering. It has fallen down the pole and folded, making it difficult to read.

"G Floyd" has been spray painted in blue on a sign post.

A greenhouse at George Floyd Square contains plants and a Black Lives Matter sign.

In George Floyd Square, a Raised Metal Fist with offerings. One offering is a repurposed traffic sign reading "Love Us" in black spray paint.

A stencil reading "Justice for George" is located on a brick wall along with a sign reading "Cup Foods Parking." Additionally "Fuck MPD" has been graffitied on the wall.
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