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Enter GF Square.jpg
39th and Chicago Ave Entrance to George Floyd Square includes several teal painted road blocks. These read "Know Justice" and "Justice for Dolal" who was killed by police December 30th, 2020.

Silhouettes with red lines is painted on a sidewalk along with the letters "BG."

In George Floyd Square, a Raised Metal Fist with offerings.

Speedway sign.jpg
"MPD Defund" is spray painted on the back of the repurposed Speedway (People's Way) in George Floyd Square. Several other messages have been blacked out.

"Black Boy Joy" is written on a shed in green spray paint along with peace signs, hearts, cats, a star, and a face.

"We Keep the Fires That Keep Our People Warm" is printed on an informational sign which includes a picture of a fire and information on donating money for firewood.

"Black People Have Been Robbed of Knowledge of Self" by Dr. Khalid M has been painted in yellow and red on a sidewalk in George Floyd Square.

Chad R.jpg
"Chad Robertson" is written on a sidewalk in George Floyd Square with black and yellow paint.

A paper sign reads "POC Lives Here." Above this handmade sign, a more mass produced sign with a portrait of George Floyd is placed.

A paper sign in a window reads "We've Been Protesting Too! Black Lives Matter."
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