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A mural in downtown Raleigh, NC painted on plywood. This work depicts a of group of protestors of all ages wearing face masks and holding signs. One sign reads "Racism is a Pandemic Too"

Disney Princesses are dressed in contemporary clothing in ths mural painted on a brick wall across from Raleigh's Contemporary Art Museum. Pocahontas is spray painting "REMEMBER THE TRUTH." Snow White, Belle, and Tiana are also painted.

Mural on The Mahler Building in downtown Raleigh, NC reading: "Art is one way for people to examine, dismantle, take apart, rip open the seams, and find where the truth will set them free" - Jaki Shelton Green.

Painted on plywood in downtown Raleigh, NC reading: "BLM. The system is backwards. Rebuild the world for the meek." Additional text reads IG Extendo 64

Painted on plywood covering the windows at Kimbrell's Furniture in downtown Raleigh, NC. The plywood has been painted black, and red letter was added reading Anger = Hate Stop. The word ANGER has been crossed out. Various other markings in red and…

Painted on plywood on the CVS store, a mural recognizing the 2020 African American Cultural Festival. Includes abstract geometric patterns and text including "Knowledge," "Glory," "Inspire," and "No Justice No Peace."
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