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"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement in various colors.

Each of the artists painted a different letter. Sean Phillips (B), Timi Bliss (L), Beverly Tipton Hammond (A), Kelly Brown (C), Peyton Scott Russell (K), Brittany Moore (L), Donna…

"Black Lives Matter" is painted in blue on the pavement. In between the words, there are red stars.

William Calloway —a former candidate for Alderman of the 5th ward and Chicago community organizer, along with the Chicago community group, South…

A piece of cloth on a fence depicts Donald Trump holding a voting ballot with the words "Voter Fraud" around him.

A wheat pasted poster of Police Officers who have murdered African Americans.

Police Officer Derek Chauvin is one of them. Poster is on closed retailer storefront.

The Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery (MAAHMG) sponsored 16 local artists of color to create a on- road mural in front of the museum on Plymouth Avenue in North Minneapolis. Each letter of the phrase "Black Lives Matter" were…

A portrait of rapper and songwriter Juice Wrld, who died in December 2019. He wears a halo and his outstretched hand shelters the earth. Large text reads "Juice Wrld Legends Never Die."
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