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"Black Trans Lives Matter" is painted in blue, pink, and white on the pavement.

The mural was organized by Jamie Grace Alexander with Baltimore Safe Haven.

A sign on a fence reads "Black Trans Lives Matter." The background of the sign has blue, white, and red stripes.

A sign reads "ampliFy black voices," "encoUrage blaCK role-models," "proTect black cHildren," "rEspect black oPinions," "exOnerate bLack prIsoners," and "save blaCk livEs." The individual capitalized letters on the sign spell out "Fuck The Police."

Four figures, outlined in white paint, emerge from the scrawls of black paint inconsistently covering the plywood panels. Three figures are clustered to the left, while one stands alone on the right.

The leftmost figures are a man wearing only…

Images of a living, spontaneous memorial in a central location in Camden, Maine. This includes many handmade signs, tributes to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, flowers and candles.

A stencil portrait of George Floyd spray painted in black on a sidewalk corner.
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