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A Pride Flag, American Indian Movement Flag, and Pan African Flag are painted on the pavement.

"End Racism Now" is painted on the pavement in various colors.

Below is a list of artists involved in Sunday's one-day project to create the 'END RACISM NOW' mural in the 200 block of Campbell Avenue. Jordan Fitzgerald (E), Ella and Ann Trinkle…

On a foundation of light blue and pink paint, layers upon layers of vivid colors emerge. Black, blue, yellow, and pink crosses layer over red and green circles and dark yellow Xs to build a bold foundation for the focal point of the image to stand…

A large wall of plywood painted with quotes and text in colored squares and rectangles. Text includes "Silence is Violence," "George Floyd," and "Black Lives Always Mattered." Quote from MLK Jr. is included

Justice for Floyd on plywood wall in Santa Monica, CA

Color photograph of ACAB ("All Cops are Bastards") graffiti spray-painted in black on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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