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The remnants of previous graffiti peek out underneath splotches of black paint added to the plywood. Each of the three black areas of the panels features careful white outlines of different fragments of a scene described by a quote in the upper left…

383 University 2.jpg
Yellow panel with an "A," a Black Power fist, and the MN outline in a single line. "#Black Lives Matter" is beneath it.

377 University.jpg
Mural of a blue sky with "#JusticeforFloyd Nina Pop Tony McDade Monika Diamon Breonna Taylor Ahmaud Arbery" on a yellow shape with the Trans Live Black Power fist and a plain Black Power fist in the center.

A portrait of George Floyd is to the…

371 University.jpg
A series of panels across several pieces of plywood:
1. Beautifully lettered text in black against a yellow ground. Text reads "Everytime you wash your hands it's a chance for a new beginning." by Hewana Sullivan Janzen.
2. Colorful raised fists…

421 University 2.jpg
Paper sign in a store window reading "BLACK OWNED," "Justice 4 Floyd," "BLM," "We're Tired!" and "Text 'Floyd" to 55156 to charge these murderers."

371 University 2.jpg
21 Black Power fists colored in black, green, brown, red, and blue/pink/black.

Three panels with poems:

"BLACK Like The Night Sky After Too Much Blood Has Spilled and Systems Are Scorched."

"an excerpt from "Because you keep asking me how…

262 University 3.jpg
The left half has "BRING LIFE TOGETHER" at the top, flowers with an anatomically correct heart connecting their roots in the center, and the Minneapolis skyline at the bottom.

The right half has "you ask me why i fight. i ask you why i would do…

371 University 7.jpg
Monochrome portrait of a Black man in a suit and bow tie.

Signs include:

Orange with "Be Kind" in black with empty spaces.


"I FEEL I AM SAD" in green on his panel with a broken heart, a fruit, and a smiling figure.

"AMERICAN'T BREATHE" in green and blue on…

262 University 4.jpg
Black, teal, and green letters read "Emergencies need ARTS" on a purple, white, and red background.
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