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Mural with the Minneapolis skyline in the upper left corner and coniferous woods to the right. The I-35 bridge runs along the left side. In the center is a dove with a halo and light emanating from its body over two babies, one Black and one white.…

Mural of protesters with their fists raised, surrounded by flowers. George Floyd is in the center, with blank white eyes. A the top is "You Have To Act As If It Were Possible To Radically Transform The World. And You Have To Do It All The Time.…

In-Progress mural with "Supporting Each Other All of It" in green and blue along the top. "Difficult Times" outlined along the bottom. The background is red and yellow rays.

"Black Lives Matter" is painted on the pavement. Each of the letters has a different design.

Black Lives Matter is painted in white on the pavement.

The mural was organized by Richard Bird and George Dominguez.

Colorful background of hearts, flowers, and shapes, text reading "Remember Honor Forgive," "No Healing No Change," "Forgive Everyone-Everything," and three gray-scale portraits of:

Dowansa, a Dakota man who died on Dec 26, 1862

George Floyd, a…

Flowers, two with Black faces, and the words "Black Lives Are Beautiful" in red, blue, yellow, and brown. "June 11, 2020" at the bottom corner.

Mural with burning papers at the bottom, one reading "Justice." A red cell phone with seven Black people, four men, two women, and one child, rejoicing, reaching up, or praying. Pink, blue, and green paint dripping down onto them.

Throw up of "Demand Justice!" in white bubble letters on a red background with a jagged black border. A character wearing a Nirvana shirt, with an X on their right arm, hold up a sign with the Anarchist A and the Equality symbol.

To the left is a…

"Ohlorne Territory" is black in red on the pavement. Surrounding the words is a white box.

The mural was organized by city council members Sophie Hahn, Kate Harrison, Cheryl Davila, and Ben Bartlett.
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