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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-29"

Words stenciled in black paint on the pavement read, "It's Ok to be Black."

A white swatch on a piece of plywood previously marked with other graffiti and tags reads in large black block font: "BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER". Between these words is a painting of the upper half of a person's face, with purple skin and long flowing…

Covering panels on a window and the door, text reading "Seeds of Change" showing a plant and rain; A map of Minnesota with Minneapolis marked with a heart; an image of a car (appropriate for the business, a collision center).

A large wall reading "Imagine a World Without Money." An adjoining wall is in process, this one addressing unity.

A Black woman wearing a red dress soars along on a blue horse, set against a yellow background. Text reads "We have the right to soar." BLM on an adjoining panel.

Located on Pike Island in Fort Snelling State Park, a tree is carved with George Floyd's name.
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