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Protest signs and posters on the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence, located on the north side of Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. Some of the signs read "Trump- You're Fired BLM," "Color is not a Crime!," "Liberty and Justice For All," and "Killing…

All Black Trans Queer Nonbinary Woman Disabled Imprisoned Lives Matter is painted on the pavement in various colors.

Defund the Police✋🏾✋🏿✋🏾Invest in Community is painted on the pavement. Blue paint bleeds down from the words "Defund the Police" to the three hands. Behind the hands is a landscape.

The mural was designed by a black artist who was…

A cardboard poster on a fence depicts an outline of a man shouting the words "Abolish the Police." Around the man are phrases that read "Black Lives Matter," "Justice 4 George Floyd," and "Fire." This is painted in a style that is reminiscent of the…

A sign on a fence has messages that read "Kung Flu," "Racist In Chief," "Our White Silence = Complicity."

A poster on the BLM Memorial Fence depicts a person wearing a mask holding a sign that reads "Asians For Black Lives." Behind the person is a dragon.

A poster on a fence depicts a person wearing a mask standing in front of an animal. Text on the poster reads "Asians For Black Lives Matter Destroy the Model Minority MVTH."

An orange diamond road sign reads "8:46 To Dead End." Originally, 8:46 was thought to have been the time that George Floyd was knelt on by Derek Chauvin.

An orange diamond road sign reads "Warning! More Protests Ahead."

An orange diamond road sign reads "Watch For Black Lives."
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