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New York City retail storefronts covered up with plywood in anticipation of potential damage after some stores in Manhattan were looted.

Sally Pemberton - IMG_6409.jpg
Red "People Live Here! BLM Justice 4 George" on a door.

Sally Pemberton - IMG_6356.jpg
Blue "People Live Here" with an arrow pointed up.

Yellow, purple, and blue flowers with "Black Lives Are Beautiful."

A small scale Black Lives Matter poster appears attached to the facade of Prosfygika, a complex of old refugee settlements that operates as a squatted autonomous community.

Solidarity banner created and displayed by Prosfygika, a building complex of old refugee settlements that operates as a squatted autonomous community, shows the face of George Floyd, framed by the slogans "No justice no peace, fight the police" and…

Quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. combined with large and beautiful flowers.

Black Lives Matter painted on the pavement surrounding a fountain in Montgomery, Alabama. Colors are red, black, yellow, and green, with black figures. The dates 1619, 1865, and 2020 are indicated.

Red block-lettered text, "AMOR." The empty spaces in the "A" and the "O" are filled with black. Purple curved shapes, like the ends of tentacles are in the bottom half of the letters.

Green bubble letters with black outline reading, "Unity," on a blue background. A yellow circle with a red center peeks out from around the "U."

Red "Amor" is to the left.

White bubble letters with black outline reading, "LOVE." A red heart makes up the empty space in the "O."
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