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Two flowers with "Say Their Names" and Rest in Power" surrounded by colorful shapes. Each has the name of a Black person killed by police.

Names include:
Denali Berries Stuckey
Ahmaud Arbery
Muhlaysia Booker
Kiki Fantroy
Ashanti Carmon

Blue and black text "Breathe In Justice" with tree roots in the center. Lilacs bloom from the tips. "Rest In Power May 25, 2020," in small blue text on the roots.

Portrait of George Floyd on a blue background. "George Floyd You Changed This World. George Floyd RIP," to the left of the portrait.

Above is "NO PEACE" in blue and red spray-paint.

Blue and orange wildstyle "Stay Safe" to the left.


Blue to gray bubble letters reading "SAY HER NAME." The names of Black women killed by police fill in the background.

Names include:
Aiyana Jones
CLaire Legato
Nina Pop
Ashanti Carmon
Cynthia Wesley
Monika Diamond
Jazzaline Ware

Bubble letter "Floyd" in red, yellow, and green. Background is purple wavy lines. Black cursive "George" at the top.

Crowd of faces with "We" in the center.

"How Will You Turn the Page?" above two hands holding an open book.

Left page, "Today, School to prison pipeline, exploitation, mistrust, broken promises, profits, criminalization, segregation, borders, policing."

Right page, "Tomorrow,…

Blue bubble letter "Defund Police!" with a heart as the exclamation mark's dot.

Black wildstyle "South MPLS" on a dripping blue background.

Purple bubble letters, "FLOYD" with a halo on the top. Three yellow spheres at the bottom of each letter. Pink background.

Orange letters, "We Demand Justice" with a teal bubble background.
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