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Protest signs and posters on the Black Lives Matter Memorial Fence, located on the north side of Lafayette Park in Washington D.C.Some of the signs read "Power 2 The People Black Lives Matter" and "Black Lives Matter." In the second image, a fabric…

"Defund Police" is painted in yellow traffic paint on the pavement.

"ACAB Fuck All Cops" is spray-painted on an upside-down American flag.

Colored ribbon that reads "Ban Stop + Frisk" is interwoven on a fence.

BAU Student Governance Association posted a Black Lives Matter tarp on their building. Surrounding the "Black Lives Matter" writing are names of Black victims of police brutality.

"Tony," "George," "Breonna," and "Ahmaud" are written on the sidewalk. Each of these people are victims of police brutality.

A piece of paper is taped to a street light pole. On the piece of paper, is a message addressed to the parents of white children. Under the message, are links for donating.

"Rise For Black Lives" is written in colorful letters on a tarp.

"Black Lives Matter" is written in English and Hebrew.

A sign depicts an image of Ahmaud Arbery, a victim of white hate crime. He died on February 23, 2020. Above his image "B.L.M." is written in red.
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