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A portrait of George Floyd, painted abstractly, in black and white. His form is outlined in an aura of yellow, from which a golden halo emerges. #JusticeForFloyd is written in black to the bottom right and the artist's handle, @BournRich, is written…

There is black text on a cream-colored wall reading 'I Can't Breathe!' Beside it, there is a black X that has lungs connected to it. The lungs, done in black and white, contain images of buildings, stairs, and cogs, giving off a steampunk vibe.

SLA 1 Image 1.jpg
A mural of raised fists in many colors outside of a bakery located on University Avenue in St. Paul.

A 30-ft mural depicting George Floyd through swirling colors, with his spirit floating away on the right-hand side.

In the artists' words, "I really wanted to have kind of the start of it, so people had an example to go off of...On the portrait I…

Mural depicting sunflowers and a monarch butterfly, and the phrase, "Unite as one."

Large mural depicting cupped hands holding a heart and the words "Love you" on a pink and blue striped background.

A large mural in blues depicting a black goddess figure with candles and the phrase "Peace, love, and Protection."

"Say Her Name" painted in enormous yellow block letters on the street.
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