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  • Date is exactly "2020-06-05"

A red pig is spray-painted next to a building.

"Fuck The Police" is written next to a pink pig with a red circle and line around it.

"Don't Forget The Black Women" is written on a cardboard sign.

"If All Lives Mattered I Would Not Be Screaming BLM!!!" is spray-painted in yellow on the street.

"Black Lives!!!" is written in black tape in a crosswalk.

"No Justice No Peace" is spray-painted in blue on the street. An "A" with a circle around it is spray-painted next to it in orange.

"I Can't Breathe" is written around a drawing of George Floyd.

A sign on the side of a tree reads "Quit Your Jobs You Facist Fucks A.C.A.B." Next to the words is a Black Power fist.

On a white wall, a portrait of George Floyd is painted with a simple linework outline of shades of black, brown, and blue. The portrait is derived from a selfie of Floyd that was highly circulated after his murder.

A black-and-white portrait of George Floyd on plywood outside of a business. The portrait is stylized to be more abstract and haunting than hyperrealistic, but because it is such a recognizable photo Floyd is easily identified. His black hooded…
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